How to Sign Up
DONOCLE is a Global Lottery Project that uses 50 types of coins and tokens as goods. Fairness is maximized by disclosing transparently the Blockchain-based prize money and raffle method.
You can Sign Up using your frequently-used Email Address and create your password using 8 or more letters that includes alphabet and digits.
How to register KYC
KYC Process is to safely participate in ICO, which stands for Know Your Customer.
You must register KYC Process to participate in the SALE.
The sending Address is in ETH, EOS, BTC.  →  It is recommended to complete KYC.
Please complete KYC and Whitelist registration to participate in the SALE.  →  Please read carefully before participating in the SALE and KYC.
  • Sign Up/Login
    Move to KYC page first. And then sign up to create account. The activation mail will be sent to your registered email address. Activate your account and come back to KYC page to login..
  • Enter your Personal Information
    Enter your name, email address, sending address, estimated amount, and agree to the terms to register.
How to Participate in our SALE

Complete KYC Whitelist registration and participate in the Sale.

You can participate in the sale after entering your sending wallet address. You have to enter your estimated contribution amount and agree to the terms in order to participate and have SALE benefit.
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How to Participate in DONOCLE

Buy the most fair Lottery Ticket on DONOCLE Lottery Service.

The process of Lottery Draw

Lottery tickets are purchased using the 50 types of coins or tokens currently circulating in the market.

The six digits from the BTC nonce is used as the raffle number.

The total coins paid out for the purchase of lottery tickets are handed out based on the winning ratio.

Price of Lottery Tickets

Price is determined through the same process as when the BTC market price is determined on a cryptocurrency exchange. 1 Ticket is pegged at 0.0001BTC and the corresponding alt coins have their price set by the reference price on highly reliable exchanges. In the case there is a price difference of 5% or more, the price from the exchange in question is excluded.